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Clear Grades of WRC Pattern Sidings
Knotty Grades of WRC Pattern Sidings
Grades of WRC (Timbers)
Yellow Cedar
Finishing Yellow Cedar
Uses of Yellow Cedar
Outdoor Uses of Yellow Cedar

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All stock can be milled to your specifications.
Patterns, S4S, Resawn, ACCU RUFF

Western Red Cedar is the largest of all cedars, slow growing and long-lived. It is completely non-resinous and is one of America's most decay-resistant species, making it a preferred species for outdoor and exterior uses. The narrow sapwood is almost pure white. The heartwood varies from a dark reddish-brown to a light yellow. It has a strong aromatic or spicy odor. It is one of the lightest in weight of the commercially important softwoods and suffers little when exposed to the weather without protection.

Clear Grades Of Western Red Cedar Pattern Sidings

  • Clear Heart
    The highest grade. Includes only pieces with heartwood on the exposed face. Many pieces completely clear; others have minor imperfections that do not detract from their fine appearance.
  • A Clear    *Fingerjoint, Vertical Grain and Flat Grain
    Permits somewhat more imperfections than Clear Heart but the grade is still restricted to pieces with excellent appearance. 
    (Common specifications are A and Better and A and Better with a percentage of B grade allowed.)
  • B Clear
    Permits slightly larger and more numerous characteristics than A grade and occasional pieces may require trimming to yield high grade pieces in shorter lengths. Most often supplied as a percentage with A grade.

Knotty Grades Of Western Red Cedar Pattern Sidings 

  • Select Knotty
    Available kiln dried or unseasoned. Knots are sound and tight. 
  • Quality Knotty
    In this grade, natural growth characteristics are not limited as stringently as in Select Knotty. Cross cutting may be required on some pieces to yield tight knotted siding.

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Grades Of Western Red Cedar (Timbers)

  • No. 2 and Better Cedar
    This grade should be specified when the finest quality rough lumber is desired. The  lumber is sound and well manufactured. Its natural characteristics do not detract from the wood's fine appearance.
  • D and Better Clear
    This grade consists of D Clear, C Clear and B Clear.
    The C and Better Clear grade offers good appearance in high quality, well manufactured lumber.  Suitable for high quality landscape structures and as exposed posts and beams in heavy timber construction. WRCLA members produce this grade without cutouts. In most cases, this grade is sold with a specified allowance of D grade.
    D Clear grade permits larger and more numerous natural characteristics which are widely accepted in the construction of outdoor structures. Some pieces of D Clear may require trimming to yield clear lengths for the intended use.
    Available surfaced or rough textured.
  • Appearance Knotty
    A non structural product manufactured to meet the appearance requirements of quality projects. This material has highly restricted wane allowances to give well defined corners. Contains no holes or other characteristics. Represents good value for appearance end uses. Available rough sawn or rougher headed in nominal 2" and thicker sizes.
    Note: Upon request, Appearance Knotty timbers are available with structural grading. Be certain to specify Appearance Knotty structural lumber when strength characteristics are required.
  • No. 2 and Better Structural
    Material of this grade is evaluated for structural strength characteristics. The classification includes pieces meeting the grades of Select Structural, No.1 Structural, and No.2 Structural. Lumber of this grade is intended for engineered applications where strength is more important than appearance. 
    Available surfaced or rough textured.

  • Standard Beams, Posts and Timbers
    Timbers of this grade are intended for general construction purposes where serviceability is more important than appearance. No structural values are assigned. Available surfaced or rough textured.

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Yellow Cedar

  • Select Knotty KD
    2x4 - 2x12

The rich, oily fragrance of freshly cut Yellow Cedar distinguishes this unique species from all other conifers. Native to the North Pacific coast, the finest stands of Yellow Cedar, (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis) are found high in the coastal mountains of British Columbia.
Ancient in their ancestry, Yellow Cedars are an enduring species, probably the oldest and slowest growing trees in Canada. The species gets its name from the distinctive light yellow color of its wood. Characteristics of Yellow Cedar include:

  • Fine texture, strength and straight grain
  • Finishes beautifully
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Easy to work with hand and power tools
  • Good nail holding ability that increases with age
  • Splinter resistant and hard wearing
  • Exceptional durability and resistance to insect attack and decay

Finishing Yellow Cedar

Yellow Cedar's enduring beauty can be left untreated to weather naturally. If treatment is desired, a few simple precautions will help ensure good results. Yellow Cedar's exceptional resistance to decay is due to its natural oils. These can prevent the wood from readily absorbing oil-based paints and varnishes. This is best overcome by using kiln-dried wood or by adequately air drying the wood prior to finishing. Another method is to seal the wood by applying a coat of diluted varnish.

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Uses of Yellow Cedar

Yellow Cedar is a highly versatile wood that adapts well to the demands of a wide range of uses from the delicacy and precision of architectural millwork to the toughness and durability of industrial construction. Although eminently suitable for many applications, some common uses for this superior wood include:

  • Structural decking
  • Paneling
  • Outdoor use
  • Millwork and joinery
  • Boat-building
  • Framing and construction
  • Industrial applications

Outdoor Uses of Yellow Cedar

Yellow Cedar has exceptional decay resistance. This characteristic, coupled with its hard wearing durability, makes Yellow Cedar ideal for a range of outdoor uses from pool and patio decking to outdoor furniture to siding and fencing. It is also in demand for tough outdoor jobs such as heavy planking for docks and bridges. Yellow Cedar is particularly valued for stadium seating and playground equipment because of its smooth, splinter-free surface, weather resistance and durability.

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