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Nu Forest Products is a full line lumber distribution yard that, unlike many, has a wide range of milling equipment that enables us to handle all of your specialized needs. We take particular pride in the fact that our highly skilled millmen can grind knives and mill any pattern that your customers might require.

Douglas Fir Timber #1 & Btr – 100% FOHC
8' to 32' Rgh, S4S, or Resawn
Special size to 24x30
4x4 thru 4x16 thru 8x12
1x4 & 1x6 Std & Btr S4S Brn

Kiln Dry Doug Fir Timbers
Manufactured Timber (RTM)
#1 & Btr FOHC KD
2x14 thru 8x14

Sel Struct DF KD S4S
2x4 thru 2x12 to 28'
Stock can be milled to pattern
3x6 Sel Dex DF DBL T&G EVIS S2S

Vertical & Flat Grain
All Patterns, Flooring & Stepping
VG Finger Joint S4S & Patterns

Redwood KD
Clr Hrt, Hrt B, Clr, B Grade
All Patterns
Cleat 1x3 Pickets – Concord & Gothic

Redwood Grn
Con Hrt Timbers, 4x4 thru 8x8
2x4 thru 2x12
CAH & Hrt B Timbers

Western Red Cedar
Clear & STK – All Patterns
CLR Timbers Grn & Dry
STK FOHC Timbers Grn
Clear MG & VG Finger Joint

C Select & D Select -Radiata
#1 Com Pine, #2 Com Pine
Sel Dex – S4S/Patterns
J-Grade SPF

Douglas Fir Dimension Grn
2x6 thru 2x12, 22' x 28
2x14 8' – 28'

Treated Timbers, Dimension & Plywood
#1 & Btr DF FOHC
CBA or ACQ .40 Certified

Sierra Premium White Fir KD
V-Rustic WP-11 Rev.

Hem Fir – Sel Str S4S or S1S2E
1x4 thru 2x12 8' – 20'
Primed or Unprimed

Custom Priming Water/Oil Base Primer
1 OR 2 Coat System

Corbels & Knee Braces

Custom Sanding


Circle Sawn


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