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3x4 to 8x16

  • Equal Design Values
    Every RMT is structurally engineered to meet the stress ratings of Solid Sawn Timber grade for grade.
  • Longer and Straighter
    RMT is available in lengths of up to 32 feet. Because it is kiln dried to a moisture content less than 15% before assembly many undesirable (yet allowable) properties of green timber (twisting, splitting, cupping and warping) are "seasoned" out of RMT.
  • Uniform Dimensions and Common Sizes
    RMT is manufactured to uniform dimensions similar to Solid Sawn. No need for shims or planing to adjust for size or crown variations.
  • Extra Protection
    In addition to being kiln dried, RMT is coated with Liquid Wrap, a sealer which retards moisture and UV exposure and enhances dimensional stability, improving yard life. RMT will not distort in the yard or at the job site like Solid Sawn  Timber. No more lost product due to twisting, cupping, splitting or excessive checking.
  • Code Approved
    RMT is inspected and certified by the WCLIB in compliance with the American Lumber Standards (ALS) and is recognized by building inspectors throughout the country.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Unlike Solid Sawn Timber, RMT is manufactured from smaller, faster-growing trees cut from second and third generation forests. With the world's focus on our old growth forests and the growing need for structural timber, RMT is the smart choice.

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