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Store it Right
Use Proper Wall Construction
Use the Right Nails
Install It Right
Finish It Right

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Wood is a product of nature, so individual pieces vary in performance. Siding is a single component of a building. Its performance is dependent upon many critical factors including: the structure's design, the craftsmen's skills, the use of other materials, the siding's exposure and the local climate. This checklist was designed to help builders track some of the factors that affect the performance of Certified Kiln Dried Redwood siding. Following these guidelines will improve the performance of CKD Redwood siding and will extend its service life.

Store it Right

  • Store it dry, off the ground and under cover but with proper air circulation. In a building or garage is ideal.
  • Loosen factory wrappers while storing.
  • Store on site for about 15 to 30 days to let the moisture content of the siding reach an equilibrium with the atmosphere.
  • Prevent siding from getting wet or dirty.

Use Proper Wall Construction

  • Include a vapor barrier with a rating of 1 perm or less on the warm side of the wall.
  • Install water-resistant building paper with a rating of 5 perms or greater over sheathing.
  • Use fiberboard, plywood, OSB, or waferboard sheathing.
  • Apply finish to all faces, ends and edges before siding installation.

Use the Right Nails

  • Use non-corosive nails to avoid nail stains...stainless steel, aluminum or top-quality, hot-dipped galvanized are required.
  • Use ringed-shank, wood siding nails for adequate holding power.
  • Use nails that penetrate 1-1/2 inches into framing members or a combination of solid wood sheathing and framing.
  • If sheathing is not wood based, use longer nails to achieve the required 1-1/2 inch penetration.
  • Pre-drill nail holes at ends to prevent splitting.
  • Do not use staples; they do not provide adequate holding power and are seldom non-corrosive.

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Install It Right

Plain Bevel Illustration
Plain Bevel:
  • Give courses a 1-inch overlap. Use one nail per bearing and drive the nail so that it clears the top of the preceding course by about 1/8 inch.

Rabbeted Bevel Illustration
Rabbeted Bevel:
  • Use one nail per bearing and place the nail about one inch above the lower edge of the course.

V Shiplap Illustration
V Shiplap wider than 6 inches:
  • Face nail with two siding nails per bearing. Place nails one quarter the width of the material in from each edge.

V Shiplap 6 inches or less:

  • Use one nail per bearing. Place the nail one inch from the overlapping edge.

Channel Shiplap 6" Illustration
Channel Shiplap 6 inches:
  • Use one nail one inch from the lap.

Channel Shiplap 8 inches:

  • Face nail with two nails per bearing. Place nails 1 1/2 inches from the edge of the overlap and 2 inches from the edge of the underlap. Nail wider patterns proportionately

Tongue & Groove Illustration
Tongue & Groove wider than 6 inches:
  • Face nail with two siding nails per bearing.

Tongue & Groove Illustration
Tongue & Groove siding 6 inches or less:
  • Blind-nail through the tongue with finish nails.

Board & Batten Illustration
Board and batten vertical siding
For patterns installed vertically, nail boards to horizontal blocking installed between studs at no more than 24 inches on center.

For rabbeted bevel and channel shiplap patterns, provide 1/8 inch expansion clearance between courses.

Finish It Right

  • Use top quality paints and finishes.
  • Back prime each board before installation.
  • Factory priming or prefinishing is recommended.
  • Oil-based exterior stains should contain a water repellent. A mildewcide and an ultraviolet inhibitor are recommended.
  • Apply finishes with a brush to work the finish well into the wood. A roller is the next best applicator. Do not spray as this does not provide adequate coverage.


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